Oceaneering Launches New Mobile Robots for the North American Market at MODEX

March 28, 2022 – Atlanta, Georgia – Oceaneering International is proud to announce at this year’s MODEX conference a complete revamp of its Autonomous Mobile Robotics product portfolio and the North American launch of three new mobile robots.
The UniMover™ D 100 is a small underride vehicle, designed to transport light goods such as boxes, totes, trays, and individual items, and features on-demand obstacle avoidance capabilities making it ideal for deliveries directly to people. 
The UniMover™ O 600 is an underride vehicle suitable for transporting a variety of bulk items such as engineered parts, food, laundry, medical equipment, packaging, and pharmaceuticals. Due to its omnidirectional driving capabilities, it boasts best-in-class maneuverability and is essential for light industrial and healthcare applications where space is extremely limited.
The MaxMover™ CB D 2000 is designed as a true replacement of conventional counterbalance forklifts. It can accommodate a large variety of load types ranging from conventional and specialized automotive pallets to racks and carts. It offers exceptional maneuverability with the ability to pivot on the spot and a highly sophisticated control system that ensures the utmost safety for people and transported loads.
All three robots utilize natural feature navigation technology, requiring little to no added infrastructure. This enables easier and more flexible deployment of the mobile robot systems. Like all of Oceaneering’s mobile robots, all three robots can be operated together as a mixed fleet providing an extra dimension to solving a client’s needs.
“We are naturally excited with the arrival of our new products,” said Henny Bouwmeester, Vice President and General Manager, Oceaneering Mobile Robotics. “We spent substantial efforts not only in understanding customer needs, but also ensuring that the designs can truly scale. Accordingly, these new robots enable us to continually unlock new capabilities and move ever closer towards bringing mobile robotics to all industries.”
About Oceaneering Mobile Robotics 
With over 1700 mobile robotics deployed worldwide and with over 30 million miles accumulated, Oceaneering Mobile Robotics (OMR) delivers best-in-class solutions with the lowest total cost without sacrificing performance. For over 30 years, OMR has been a trusted partner of exclusive brands in the toy, pharmaceutical, healthcare, manufacturing, and automotive industries.  
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