Ideal Warehouse Innovations now carry a range of workplace air quality control systems to filter, freshen, and decontaminate air indoors.

Toronto, Canada – The new product team at Ideal Warehouse Innovations, leaders in workplace and warehouse safety, have assembled a lineup of highly effective air quality control systems.
Safety in the workplace has many facets, and the air we breathe has a big effect on health, wellness, alertness, productivity, and more.
The new product lineup features the big-air-moving AtomikAir. Able to process 1-million cubic feet of air per hour, the AtomikAir is built for demanding, large-volume, warehouse environments. The system has a MERV 13 air filter rating (capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns), washable/reusable filters, and is an effective way to destratify stagnant air which can significantly reduce heating costs.
The new family of products also features commercial air purification solutions, including the JADE2.0, and the wall-mounted ONYX systems. With their HEPA rating and Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV)chambers, these units create fresher and healthier workplace environments.
The lineup also includes a pair of stand-alone ultraviolet systems that work to kill airborne bacteria and viruses, including influenza and COVID-19. The VK-250 and VK-1500 Air Purification Systems cover a range of room volumes and are perfect for offices, retail, public restrooms, and more.
Benefits of improved Air Quality: 
By filtering particles as small as 0.3 microns, the filtration systems help eliminate airborne pollen, bacteria, viruses, pollution, smog, soot, and exhaust. The units that include GUV capabilities, kill viruses and bacteria, reducing the chance of workplace spread of a wide range of illnesses. According to Harvard University, this results in a healthier work environment, fewer sick days, improved productivity, and improved employee morale. 
Background: *
  • ~75% of workers have concerns over the indoor air quality of their workplace.
  • 89% of employees surveyed agreed workplace air quality has a direct impact on health and wellbeing.
  • 60% revealed they will resign if employer refuses to create healthier indoor environment.
  • Fewer allergies (60%); less exposure to airborne pathogens (57%); better overall mental health (53%); improved productivity (43%), were all cited as benefits of improved air quality.
*Findings from “Workplace Air Quality: A Global Concern Emerges”, Wakefield Research, 2022
Ideal Warehouse Innovations considers workplace safety from every perspective. Their new family of air quality control products are inspirations in ventilation.
For more information on the AtomikAir, Jade2.0, ONYX, or VK Air Purification Systems, or any Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ workplace safety products, please contact: 
Dirk Seis, Director of Marketing, 
1-866-828-6737; 223

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