Protect Your Back – And Lost Business Resources

La Salle, IL, March 10th, 2022 — Keith Kennedy is an entrepreneur/ inventor and consumes business news of all sorts – print, TV, online and podcast. Over the last few years, he noticed a growing frequency of stories highlighting the massive drain on personal and business resources due to repetitive-use back injuries. About a year ago, he had his “Ah-Ha” moment.
“As these stories continued to increase, I identified a need in the market for a wearable ergonomic safety device. Research led me to realize no effective lifting harness was available for employers and their workers,” says Keith. His examination of existing products made him deeply aware of the deficiencies of each supposed solution. Simple and seemingly straightforward improvements on these failed concepts was the answer - “That was the birth of the concept that eventually matured into the Hercules Harness,” Keith told us with satisfaction.
The Hercules Harness System is an ergonomic lifting solution that workers can wear comfortably for extended periods of time. It provides lower lumbar support in conjunction with an extended fulcrum/lifting point that distributes loads in a safe manner. Keith thought he had the answer, but he needed to prove to himself is worked.
“I’ve had a longstanding collaborative partnership with Jerry Phlippeau, owner of Flipo Group. I knew he had warehouses and workers who moved load daily, so I asked him to tryout a few prototypes,” says Keith. After only a few days of in-use testing Jerry let Keith know the product’s effectiveness was beyond his expectations – so much so he wanted to partner with Keith by manufacturing and distributing the Hercules Harness.
With a long history and experience in manufacturing, sales, distribution and marketing, Jerry & Flipo Group are eager to debut the Hercules Harness System at MODEX 2022. Flipo will also offer commercial grade options from its line of illuminated products that have been best sellers on QVC & HSN.
For additional information or a sample, contact: Flipo Group Limited, 613 1st Street, La Salle, IL 61301 PH: (815) 223-9942, FX: (815) 223-9266, email:
Flipo Group is centrally located in Illinois and has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, sales, distribution and marketing. To see the Hercules Harness, visit Booth C4398 at MODEX 2022.
Jerry Phlippeau
(815) 223-9942
(815) 223-9266


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