TIM, the TRAPO Intelligent Management System

TIM monitors and controls production processes around the clock

TIM was already developed in 2018 in the TRAPO Technical Center for the needs of plant and mechanical engineering, is industry-independent, customer-configurable, connects production plants and includes third-party plants.
TIM monitors processes in production and intralogistics on the basis of the specified OEE performance. The continuous control and the data collected from it enable the targeted optimization of individual and overall systems. 
In addition, TIM enables predictive maintenance - including a digital shopping cart. 
With the TRAPO Intelligent Management System, customers have an overview of their key business figures in real time. Data analysis can be used uniformly - with limited authorization per user. 
The operating level at the machine receives optimum online support. This means that information on operating resources, subsystems and system statuses is always available. Service, maintenance and spare parts management can be carried out proactively, saving time and money.
TIM supports the management level in leveraging the potential of digitization. This allows production-related evaluations to be collected, production processes to be improved at an early stage, and personnel deployments to be planned for the long term.
TIM controls shuttle swarms
As part of the system control, TIM, as a data highway, takes over the fully automatic route calculation and control of a shuttle fleet of the TTS Series. The vehicles move freely along traffic routes, allowing changes to the driving course to be implemented with little effort.
TIM acts as a "traffic light controller" and route manager to ensure that the TTSs operate safely and efficiently alongside and with each other. For example, it selects a free shuttle, calculates the most favorable destination route from thousands of possibilities, and sends the TTS on its way.
TIM also registers logistical behavior patterns and adjusts the control of the shuttle as needed: For example, the software registers braking actions and takes a different route if necessary, because in total, the longer route may mean the shorter travel time.
TRAPO is a partner for industrial automation.  TRAPO solutions are used in picking, packing, (de)palletizing, packaging, conveying, warehousing, sorting and distribution technology as well as loading and unloading.  We offer end-of-line solutions with machines and systems for secondary packaging for every industry and every product. Customers have a single point of contact for hardware and software issues, as mechanics and controls come from a single source. The company places particular emphasis on digital solutions: with TIM, the TRAPO Intelligent Management System for visualizing, monitoring and controlling equipment.  The company is positioned worldwide with its agencies and is present in all major industrial locations - in 2020 TRAPO Italiana Srl. and TRAPO America, Inc. were founded.
For more information visit www.trapogroup.com
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