Enormous lift and extended radius

Efficient picking: parallel kinematics as an alternative to jointed-arm robots

The HPPS Series high-performance kinematic picker can replace the traditional third-party delta robot in packaging processes, taking on tasks that require high precision and performance.
Highly sensitive products and primary packaging in the food industry are handled with particular care - at high production speeds and precision as well as fast product and format changes. 
With enormous stroke and extended radius, the kinematics solution ensures consistently high process quality, machine availability and enormous cycle rates.
The high-performance parallel kinematics consists of a five-link kinematic structure, a Z-axis and a rotary module for orientation.
To optimize it for the application, the innovative high-performance kinematics can be built in different variants: In the variant with a large radius of action, the picker has a rotationally symmetrical working space thanks to the parallel kinematic structure and can therefore reach behind itself. The parallel kinematic picker is available with two strokes (200 mm and 400 mm). At high speed, it thus offers an enormous working space. 
The kinematics including gripper technology is also developed and manufactured at TRAPO analogously to the respective task.
TRAPO is a partner for industrial automation.  TRAPO solutions are used in picking, packing, (de)palletizing, packaging, conveying, warehousing, sorting and distribution technology as well as loading and unloading.  We offer end-of-line solutions with machines and systems for secondary packaging for every industry and every product. Customers have a single point of contact for hardware and software issues, as mechanics and controls come from a single source. The company places particular emphasis on digital solutions: with TIM, the TRAPO Intelligent Management System for visualizing, monitoring and controlling equipment.  The company is positioned worldwide with its agencies and is present in all major industrial locations - in 2020 TRAPO Italiana Srl. and TRAPO America, Inc. were founded.
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