This is only available at TRAPO: Choose from three powerful palletizing options!

At TRAPO, we know that high-performance palletizers need to be permanently accurate, gentle on the product, low-maintenance and with short set-up times. Depending on your product, your industry and even the size of your production environment, we offer the optimal palletizing system. The portfolio includes end-of-line solutions with gantry, with jointed-arm robot or – when high performance is required – with the flexible, compact HLP 6000 high-performance layer palletizer.
TRAPO develops high-performance multifunctional grippers for changing products - this eliminates the need to change grippers. Advantage: More time remains for palletizing performance.
TRAPO uses heavy-duty giants to optimally fill the height of the production hall with palletizing gantries on long, straight stretches. It is equipped with the perfect robot gripper. The floor space remains free.
The compact HLP 6000 high-performance layer palletizer from the HLP Series is used for automation in the cheese plant. It offers high performance in the smallest of spaces - and serves an almost unlimited product range: highly flexible, as it can be adjusted to any product.
This means that perfect, clean layers and piles are formed under maximum performance with a high variety of products on the customer side and different formats. With this considerable advantage, the HLP plays off its unique selling point, absolute flexibility: Until now, a great deal of modification work was required to implement complex layer patterns. The HLP 6000 lays down perfectly and thus realizes any layer patterns of different formats - up to ten layers per minute.
Three flexible HLP variants
The basic modules of the HLP 6000 are the lifting column, the layer gripper and the infeed section. The HLP 6000 presents itself with three variants: 
  • a basic variant
  • a variant with y-axis - there the HLP 6000 serves two palletizing stations and can act with high as well as with low infeed
  • a variant with rotary module or traversing axis or a combination of both: Here, the high-performance palletizer moves along a specified length, with the rotary variant acting in a radius of 180°. This variant can serve several palletizing stations.
The perfect combination: power, endurance and brain - palletizer plus TRAPO Pack software. There, any layer patterns are generated in perfection and stored for follow-up orders.
A clear advantage for you: this saves enormous setup times!
TRAPO is a partner for industrial automation.  TRAPO solutions are used in picking, packing, (de)palletizing, packaging, conveying, warehousing, sorting and distribution technology as well as loading and unloading.  We offer end-of-line solutions with machines and systems for secondary packaging for every industry and every product. Customers have a single point of contact for hardware and software issues, as mechanics and controls come from a single source. The company places particular emphasis on digital solutions: with TIM, the TRAPO Intelligent Management System for visualizing, monitoring and controlling equipment.  The company is positioned worldwide with its agencies and is present in all major industrial locations - in 2020 TRAPO Italiana Srl. and TRAPO America, Inc. were founded.
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