Automated and safe depalletizing

TRAPO line depalletized 90.000 empty cans/ hour

The high-performance layer depalletizer (HLDP Series) from TRAPO offers several innovations at once: The space-saving arrangement of the modules enables operation at ground level. The performance with up to 90,000 empty cans per hour is impressive. Due to its modular design, the HLDP can also handle jars and bottles in the same way.
Any employee who has had to climb up to 35 steps on the platform several times under time pressure to rectify a fault knows that this is not only a time-consuming but also dangerous climb. With the HLDP, there is no need for the second operating level by means of a platform - an absolute safety plus in this performance class.
This solution is convincing thanks to the use of a lifting column in combination with a magnetic or vacuum gripper, thus enabling the efficient depalletizing of empty food cans (tinplate / aluminum) or empty jars - at a rate of up to six layers per minute. This corresponds to approximately 1,500 empty cans per minute. The depalletizing line can securely grip a complete layer of empty cans or empty jars of different sizes and shapes on pallets up to three meters high and depalletizes and feeds them as a complete layer in one work step. 
TTS Ready: Conveying by AGV 
As an alternative to rigid conveyor technology, TRAPO offers TTS Ready for pallet loading, empty pallet removal and intermediate layer removal - the connection through shuttle automated guided vehicles of the TTS Series. Retrofitting is possible as well. 
TRAPO is a partner for industrial automation.  TRAPO solutions are used in picking, packing, (de)palletizing, packaging, conveying, warehousing, sorting and distribution technology as well as loading and unloading.  We offer end-of-line solutions with machines and systems for secondary packaging for every industry and every product. Customers have a single point of contact for hardware and software issues, as mechanics and controls come from a single source. The company places particular emphasis on digital solutions: with TIM, the TRAPO Intelligent Management System for visualizing, monitoring and controlling equipment.  The company is positioned worldwide with its agencies and is present in all major industrial locations - in 2020 TRAPO Italiana Srl. and TRAPO America, Inc. were founded.
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