Do More with Less: Introducing the EuroSort Pitch Reducer

Owings Mills, Maryland, 2/10/2022 — EuroSort produces the most efficient sortation systems on the market and has always followed a design philosophy of simple and clever solutions to deliver more results in less space. While our Split Tray and Dual Split Tray have the smallest drop zone in the industry, our Cross Tray and Push Trays required more discharge space to accommodate the vast item range they can handle. The problem is that while large and heavy items travel a longer distance after discharge, small light items travel a much smaller distance. Because of the wide array of sortable products, the chutes must be wide enough to account for both. This was the way things were across the industry, but we knew a better solution was out there.
So, we invented the Pitch Reducer; a simple solution which saves a lot of space. This works by implementing a pneumatically activated section of the chute wall to direct items into their destination and then retracted to allow access to the next chute. This revolutionary design allows up to a 40% reduction in chute width. EuroSort sorters are already the most compact and efficient in the industry and with the Pitch Reducer we can fit more chutes in a smaller footprint than ever before. Reliability and flexibility are key for our customers. By sticking with a simple mechanism and exhaustively testing it, we can be sure of many years of trouble-free operation. For those customers that already have EuroSort sorters, the Pitch Reducer can be retrofitted to expand the number of destinations in the same footprint. We are proud to add this to our quiver of solutions that deliver the best results and value to our customers.
To see the Pitch Reducer in action and learn what advantages a EuroSort Sorter can offer your operation, stop by Booth #B3414 at MODEX 2022 or contact us at
EuroSort was founded by industry veterans in the Netherlands in 2001. After quickly finding success with the Split Tray Sorter, EuroSort opened its North American HQ in 2003 near Baltimore, MD. EuroSort expanded its product line-up with the Dual Split Tray, Push Tray, Dual Push Tray, Cross Tray, Sweeper and Push Bar sorters, and rapidly became the go-to option for dependable, efficient, and accurate systems around the world. With over 450 sorters installed worldwide, EuroSort improves with every installation to deliver the best results possible to our customers. 

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