Improved dock utilization with Ancra Systems

Jan.2022- Automatic loading goods into standard trailers without modifications is becoming the new standard within logistics, as it greatly improves dock utilization.
Ancra Systems developed and engineered a new version of Skateloader. The Skateloader Pallet & Slip-sheet version is now being installed in the customer’s warehouse. 
This redesigned Skateloader automatically in one-shot loads high volumes of palletized goods or slip-sheeted goods into non-modified truck/trailer/container. With Ancra’s ATLS solution, the overall loading or unloading cycle can be reduced from ± 30 minutes to just 7-8 minutes enabling a single dock door to handles up to four full trailers per hour.
The Skateloader can be seamlessly integrated into any automated production or warehouse system. The Skateloader system increases efficiency by 400%, compared to traditional forklift truck loading. The shorter truck turnaround time at the dock is accomplished while creating a safer work environment, for employees and products. Save labor and equipment costs, improve worker ergonomics and avoid goods damage, which can all be achieved with Ancra ATLS solutions.
Ancra Systems is a one-stop-shop manufacturer that provides not only standard systems, but also customized and innovative solutions for both modified cargo space and non-modified cargo space. Ancra Systems offers expert knowledge and long-term experience to help many of the leading companies in the world to solve the challenges that they are facing in automating their loading docks.
Ancra Systems is in a leading position to offer the most comprehensive package for standard and customizable ATLS solutions (Automatic Truck/Trailer/Container One-shot Loading & Unloading Solutions). With 30 years of experience, Ancra Systems has successfully installed more than one thousand ATLS systems in a wide range of industries in the past 10 years.

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