RIOS earns global recognition as a top performing robotics provider impacting food sector

MENLO PARK, CA, January 2022 – RIOS Corporation has gained global recognition as an industry-leading robotics company impacting the food sector. 
“This is an honor to be recognized for our leadership in end-to-end AI powered robotic workcell implementations for the food industry,” stated Dr. Bernard Casse, CEO and Founder of RIOS. “We’re building robotic workcells of the future, serving assembly lines in factories, warehouses, and supply chain operations. Our full-stack technology impacts food production and assembly, as well as picking and packing operations.”
RIOS is a standout robotics innovator solving difficult challenges impacting the food industry. US-based RIOS Corporation is undeniably ahead of the global competition in the Top 5 warehouse management robots impacting the food sector as identified by StartUs. StartUs is dedicated to mapping the world’s information on innovation, emerging companies, and technologies.
StartUs Insights reviewed 138 companies specifically serving the food sector out of over two million global companies using criteria such as founding year, location, funding raised, and more. StartUs Insights analyzed global companies dedicated to new technological advances in the food industry and focused on companies specializing in robotics who impact business operations in warehouse management. 
RIOS Intelligent Machines develops Sorting Robots
The RIOS sorting robots address a significant labor shortage and labor-intensive process within warehouses. Tasks involving sorting food items of variable shape, texture, and size are addressed with robotic workcells providing automation for the defined variable tasks. With advanced robotic automation technology and AI, RIOS workcells can work in changing warehouse environments and interact with objects in both static and dynamic applications. 
RIOS Robotic Workcells Automate Food Production
RIOS manufactures food grade workcells to automate manual tasks of handling and sorting food. Quality control, item handling, and tray management are part of the suite of robotic automation workcells in which RIOS can provide applications with high speed robotic workcells to meet production demand. 
About RIOS
RIOS is a tech company that was founded in 2018 with a mission to completely transform labor-intensive factories into smart factories of the future powered by robotics and AI. RIOS is helping enterprises automate their entire factories, warehouses, or supply chain operations – by deploying end-to-end robotic workcells that integrate within existing workflows. 
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