Mallard Mfg. to Showcase the Latest in Gravity Flow Innovations at MODEX 2022

The Mallard team harnesses the power of gravity to equip manufacturers, warehouses, and distribution centers with solutions to help them meet labor, space, and demand challenges.

Sterling, IL January 14, 2022 – MODEX 2022 returns to the Atlanta Georgia World Congress Center on March 28-31, 2022. The theme of the four-day event is “MORE,” and Mallard will be there to show more gravity flow solutions than ever before. 
Gravity flow rack solutions are high-density systems that increase the number of SKU slots while maximizing warehouse space. The power of gravity flow is right in the name -- the systems are designed to flow inventory from a loading aisle to an opposite pick aisle using gravity and some sound engineering vs. powered and mechanical technology.
Gravity flow also reduces the time and expense expended for workers to store and retrieve inventory. Mallard’s signature product categories are pallet flow, carton flow, and gravity conveyor, which means that just about any size product, palletized or not, is a candidate for gravity flow racking. The place to see all the leading Mallard products at the show is Booth B7650. Design and engineering experts will also answer questions and offer consultation.
MHI hosts MODEX every other year, and it is a premier event on the calendar for manufacturing and supply chain-related businesses.
MODEX Numbers
  • Over 850 exhibitors
  • 150 expert-lead seminars and educational sessions
  • 157 on-floor demonstrations
  • Networking events
  • 30,000+ attendees.
Mallard Products Highlighted at MODEX
  • Pallet Flow Rack
  • Pallet Separators for Pallet Flow
  • Carton Flow Rack 
Pallet Flow Rack
Pallet Flow is a First-In/First-Out (FIFO) storage solution ideal for perishable inventory, high-volume SKUs, and manufacturing lines.
  • Compact design Increases storage capacity >60% over standard rack
  • Each lane can store from 2- to 20+ pallets
  • First-in/First-out (FIFO) inventory rotation
  • Loaded and picked from opposite aisles reducing pallet handling and forklift travel
Mallard Pallet Flow Products:
  • Magnum wheel - the industry’s strongest pallet flow wheel --guaranteed with a Lifetime Abuse Warranty!
  • Full Roller & Split Roller - galvanized rollers available in various widths. Ideal for non-standard and plastic pallets. 
  • Steel skate wheel - an economical choice for the right inventory --durable ball bearings and step-beam mounts boost functionality.
Pallet Separators
Pallet separators improve warehouse safety, reduce workers’ compensation claims, and boost efficiency. In a standard pallet flow lane, the rails are positioned on an incline for gravity to take over and flow the pallet. That design creates a certain amount of pressure on the front pallet. The separator isolates the front pallet eliminating the pressure making it easier and safer to extract from the lane. It is also helpful in case picking applications.
Carton Flow Rack
Carton flow is high-density storage for cartons, cases, totes, and individual items. It’s helpful in dedicated pick zones (above) for improving the speed and accuracy of order picking and fulfillment functions. Carton flow organizes SKUs in mild- to deep-lane storage applications to allow reserve stock to replenish the pick face after each pick automatically. Load and pick functions in opposite aisles keep area congestion to a minimum.
  • Increase pick locations up to 40 per bay
  • Reduce footprint up to 20% vs. storage rack
  • Save labor cost up to 75% by minimizing travel & pick motion
  • Increase pick accuracy - keep customers happy, process fewer returns
  • Cart-Trak carton flow - choose standard or heavy-duty rollers with or without bearings (which require less pitch and fewer rollers). Use for same-sized cartons or tote storage.
  • Dyna-Flo standard and Dyna-Flo HD (heavy-duty) - full-wheel bed coverage ideal for cartons varying in size. Fast lane setup and reprofiling.
  • Dyna-Deck - just drop into place and replace old or damaged carton flow. Dyna-Deck delivers heavy-duty, low-profile carton storage racking.
About Mallard Manufacturing
Founded in 1960, Mallard Manufacturing Company is a leading international resource for designing and developing quality engineered gravity flow, pallet flow, and carton flow systems. From a single bay of carton flow shelving to deep-lane pallet flow and complex pick modules, Mallard’s team of gravity flow experts develop custom solutions to solve the most demanding material flow challenges. A USA-based company headquartered in Illinois, Mallard’s production facilities can handle gravity flow project requirements of any size and scope.

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Booth(s): B7650

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