Creform flow rack. Is it a flow rack or is it a cart? It’s both.

Greer, SC—Creform Corporation, a manufacturer of unique products for material handling and commercial structures has designed, built and fully assembled a new mobile flow rack that holds components and hardware for a building products manufacturer’s operation. With five levels of gravity flow conveyor to hold small bins of hardware and supplies, each lane features side guides to hold the bins securely in place. The gravity flow ensures first in/first out (FIFO) material usage, while the 4° angle of the flow lanes helps the containers flow, keeping them toward the front for picking ease. The cart enhances the user’s ability to see the parts they are accessing. To further enhance the cart, each lane features label holders for part identification.
At the midway height of the flow rack is a fixed shelf with a plywood surface to hold additional boxes parts, supplies or tools. While the end of the cart features a tall compartment to hold large items vertically. Parts are retained top and bottom for security. Each of the cart’s levels can be repositioned or reconfigured with only simple tools.
Wheels lend themselves to easily moving the structure for transportation from the warehouse to the production floor or even for housekeeping or just relocation. Push/pull handle on one side of the cart can be set at comfortable ergonomic height. 
The flow rack is built using Creform white/gray anti-static plastic-coated steel Creform pipe and silver nickel metal joints. The use of ESD components were a customer requirement.
The flow rack lanes feature precision wide Creform PLACON® roller conveyors with free spinning rollers that ensure reliable and smooth flow. 
The flow rack lanes feature precision wide Creform PLACON® roller conveyors with 1 5/8" sized rollers that ensure reliable and smooth flow. The unit’s dimensions are 49" W x 24" D x 64" T and is designed to hold up to 500 lb. The cart features four 4 in. diameter casters with urethane wheels for easy positioning, stable and safe movement. Two fixed casters for easy steering control. Two casters feature brakes that can be engaged for secure positioning. 
As with all Creform flow racks, higher capacities, custom sizes and configurations are possible as are a wide variety of pipe colors. Accessories can include information sheet holders, label holders to identify lanes, tool storage, hooks to hang tools and other supplies. Creform Structures can be built for standard anti-static (ESD) applications. A hitch can be installed for manned tugger or AGV towing. 
They are available as a kit or an assembled structure or in the component form for a complete DIY solution.
The Creform System is used to create an array of material handling and efficiency enhancing devices and is a proven component in continuous improvement and lean manufacturing programs. The company partners with customers in developing and implementing these programs.

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