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1) A.T.I.B Elettronica srlMHI Member
Booth # B1010

Company based in Northern Italy, since 1989 specialized in the production of battery chargers for traction and semi-traction applications (High Frequency and Linear Power Transf. lines). All product ranges are CSA certified. HF line is also CEC listed (California Energy Commission). Our portfolio includes ...

2) BestBoxItMHI Member
Booth # C5678

BestBoxIT unites multidisciplinary competence in engineering, software and manufacturing to create cutting edge packaging technology for the production of tailormade RSC boxes for your ecommerce business. Thanks to our solution you can reduce your labor and shipping costs.

3) CMC SpAMHI Member
Booth # C6296

CMC designs the most innovative right-sized packaging technology for e-fulfilment. With the ecommerce surge reshaping the parcel industry, today CMC is helping retailers and 3PL to optimise their fulfilment process and deliver sustainable, highly personalised, and safe boxes through the much acclaimed ...

Booth # B1024

Roll forming solutions. Gasparini S.p.A. is the leading European company producing hi-tech machinery for the metal processing industry, specialized in roll forming line for working of thicknesses from 0.2 up to 12 mm. The solutions generated by Gasparini allow the production of lines that for their technical ...

5) Leonardo SpAMHI Member
Booth # C3585

Comprehensive integrated products and solutions for all kind of mail objects and baggage managing, sorting, handling and tracking. Any solution integrates advanced market-proven core proprietary technologies, aiming to satisfy increasing Courier, Postal and Airports Operators requirements with competitive ...

6) M.P.M. s.r.l.MHI Member
Booth # C4794

MPM is the answer to those in search of innovation and effectiveness in terms of safety throughout the world. We are confident in our expertise, which is the result of long experience in the field of plastic extrusion. For us, quality is an inflexible element in all the production stages of our products. ...

7) RenovaMHI Member
Booth # C4772

Renova Products, SRL is a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment for manufacturing, distribution and processing centers. With an emphasis on reducing workplace injury, Renova Cart and Reel moving units are designed to minimize forklift traffic typically required reels, reams, or industrial ...

8) S.P.E. Elettronica IndustrialeMHI Member
Booth # C3797b

With over 50 years of experience, S.P.E. has become a leader in the electronic battery charger field. Located in Crevalcore (Bologna) Italy, S.P.E. manufactures onboard and stand-alone high frequency battery chargers for flooded/gel/agm and lithium batteries. Our main focus is customized solutions for ...

9) ToppyMHI Member
Booth # B7227

Pallet Changer Technologies

Booth # B9100

Unitech is an Italian manufacturer of stretch wrapping, pallet strapping and end of line systems. Unitech now offers Packstations: integrated manual palletizing and stretch wrapping systems for distribution centers, ideal for mixed palletizing. We are one of the few manufacturers that can provide customized ...