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1) Murata Machinery USA, Inc.MHI Member
Booth # B7632b

Murata Machinery USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Murata Machinery Ltd., a pioneer and world leader in high-speed, logistics & material handling automation, automated turning and fabrication, clean factory automation, and textile machinery. Established in 1935, Murata is the sole manufacturer of Muratec ...

2) Open Sky GroupMHI Member
Booth # C7575

Open Sky Group analyzes and improves processes and evaluates and implements software and technologies. Our expert crew averages 18 years of experience in supply chain and specializes in Blue Yonder solutions including warehouse (WMS), transportation (TMS), and labor management (LMS). We also evaluate ...

3) Scott Automation + RoboticsMHI Member
Booth # C4997

Scott's mission is to deliver Smart Automation Solutions that Transform Industries. We've been doing this for over 40 years with Transbotics AGVs of all sizes across diverse industries. And this year we're celebrating our 30th year as a leading robotic integrator with certified RobotWorx robots and ...

4) BOWE SYSTEC North AmericaMHI Member
Booth # C4985

BÖWE SYSTEC’s OptiSorter Parcel and Package Sorting solutions address the complexities and demanding requirements of the package, parcel and logistics sector with material handling automation, weighing, scanning, dimensioning, print/apply labeling and sorting for a variety of industries including, Postal ...

5) C TEK Lean SolutionsMHI Member
Booth # B7854

Modular material handling products

6) Combilift ULCMHI Member
Booth # B7747

Combilift is a specialist forklift & straddle carrier manufacturer producing a wide range of customized handling solutions, all of which are designed for the safe, space saving and very productive handling of the long and bulky loads. At Combilift we believe in providing the very best handling solutions ...

7) FROETEK Plastic Technology Corp.MHI Member
Booth # B4430

Battery components and filling systems.

8) GECI- Green Energy Concepts,Inc.MHI Member
Booth # B1805

Green Energy Concepts, Incorporated (GECI) is a leader in the design, manufacturing and delivery of motive power batteries and chargers for forklift equipment. Product line includes modular and energy efficient charger technology, tubular, flat plate and lithium-ion battery technology.

9) GSM America Inc.MHI Member
Booth # C7872

Given that improper machine guarding is one of the most frequent causes of OSHA citations, today’s businesses need the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their machines are properly safeguarded. Enter GSM. As an industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality, reliable and flexible machine guarding ...

Booth # B5223

Since 1956, Hangcha Group has continued to engineer and manufacture reliable and technologically advanced material handling equipment. In 2017, Hangcha Group founded HC Forklift America Corporation in Charlotte, NC to bring their full line of material handling equipment, with load capacities ranging ...

11) Heute Inc. - Clean Facility SolutionsMHI Member
Booth # B4832

12) Honeywell Safety & Productivity SolutionsMHI Member
Booth # B7619b

Join Honeywell Productivity Services and Solutions (PSS) in Booth xx to see how our Distribution Center solutions helps companies make the digital transformation necessary to increase reliability, improve utilization and maximize productivity throughput through intelligent, data-driven insight and predictive ...

13) MacGregor PartnersMHI Member
Booth # C4287

Supply Chain Software Development

14) MantissaMHI Member
Booth # C8266

15) MasterMover, Inc.MHI Member
Booth # C5372

Electric Tugger Machines For Efficiency And Safety, MasterMover Inc manufacture robust electric tuggers and tows that safely and efficiently move a variety of wheeled loads weighing up to 790,000 lbs. Our world leading range of compact, battery-powered tugger machines will improve your operational ...

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